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Version Updates

AntPool version updates

1.9.2 Update

  • Improves help pages and fixed some bugs
  • Improves SEO(searching engine optimization), users will find Antpool.com much more easily
  • Improves friendly-site-links on home page
  • Added updated page to help pages
  • With the optimization of fonts displayed in mac system, user will get much better experience on antpool website using MAC
  • Improves block signature page
  • Improves worker sorting capabilities
  • Minor adjustments of user experience and textual content

1.9.1 Update

  • Fixed a series of issues from version 1.9

1.9.0 Update

  • A new UI design and a new look of antpool website
  • 'User ID' was renamed to 'sub-account', 'Bitmain ID/sub-account/worker ID' correspond to 'account(boss)/man(mining farm administrator)/miner (single mining machine)'
  • Added several AD positions for users to be informed of latest promotions and technology upgrades more timely
  • Help documents now can be found much more easily
  • Add page for antrouter specifically